Based on Canterbury’s busiest street close to the Westgate Towers, David Grimes has been providing optical services for almost 30 years.

In that time we’ve seen most things so experience is guaranteed and knowledge is assured.

Optics today is different from when we first started. We live in a world where special offers seem the norm and everything is very commercial. There aren’t many independent opticians left. We try to do it a little different to most.

STRAIGHTFORWARD. We spend time with you and help you choose your new spectacles. We all need to know the price, we will tell you exactly that before you look rather than after. An easy to understand all-inclusive price with no extra charges added later.

SIMPLE. If you wear varifocals then there can be dozens of different options to choose from. David wears varifocals – we’ll give you the same ones he wears but tailor made to your own individual specifications.

TRANSPARENT. The same low price today as it will be next week. Our objective is to make your new spectacles the best you’ve ever had at a price less than you’d expect.

CHOICE. Our range of frames has been fine tuned over time to offer unusual styles that are easily wearable. Also, the way we select the range is very personal. David chooses each and every frame individually and all must be stylish, good quality and reliable. “You got your glasses from David Grimes!” That’s what we want you to hear all the time!

QUICK. You won’t wait long for your new spectacles. Almost everything is made on the premises and simple jobs are within the hour. The most complicated lenses take about a week but in the event that you are without spectacles, we will make you something temporary – there and then – without charge, just to get you through until your new ones are ready.

Eye Examinations are available every day. WE DO NOT HAVE A WAITING LIST. You can be seen today so when you are ready to have your eyes examined – so are we.


  • DAVID is the owner and a dispensing optician.
  • KEN is a dispensing optician and will make sure your glasses fit you perfectly.
  • DARREN is the technician and will make your glasses accurately.
  • LOUISE runs the office and is a dispensing assistant.
  • GEORGIE welcomes you and has a good eye for finding you a nice frame.
  • MARK tests your eyes Tuesday to Friday.
  • PHIL tests your eyes Monday and Saturday.
  • SHIRLEY is David’s wife, loves to make you a drink and keeps us all organised.
  • JASMIN is the youngest member of our family and is our advertising model.
  • JEAN cleans up after us all!